Personal Training

Hands-on support & guidance towards your fitness goals

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you consider hiring a Personal Trainer?

Do you have images of a buff, zero percent body fat person in their mid-20s, standing over you shouting at you to do 50 more push-ups?

This is a common scenario I hear and not surprisingly, it can feel intimidating.

My approach to exercise is different and here’s why.

Studies show that making ourselves sore while getting into shape is just not helpful, fun, or sustainable. Movement science research supports that 10 minutes of exercise broken up into three spurts throughout the day is just as effective as 30 minutes of continuous exercise. I call this “the power of 10.”

We can "fold in" exercise and movement throughout our day if we think creatively.

The biggest hurdle for people regularly exercising is a perceived lack of time, emphasis placed on the word perceived.

Think about your attitudes surrounding exercise. Does your mind go to “I need two hours each day in the gym to make it worthwhile so why bother?” The reality is that most adults don’t have the luxury of that amount of time.

Making small steps consistently over time leads to BIG results and is effective and sustainable.

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Who are my clients?

  • Men & women of all ages
  • Both active and inactive individuals
  • Those with posture / alignment needs
  • Professional dancers of all ages
  • Pre-professional dancers / athletes
  • Ice skaters
  • Those with chronic conditions / chronic illnesses
  • Individuals with gracefully aging bodies

Experience at a glance

  • American Council on Exercise (ACE) certified Personal Trainer
  • ACE Master Coach Instructor
  • Mayo Clinic-certified Health and Wellness Coach
  • ACE-certified Health Coach
  • National Board-certified Health and Wellness Coach
  • Essentrics-certified L1, strengthening and flexibility program
  • 30 plus years of working with different ages and body types



We can either talk on the phone or via Zoom for your complimentary 20-minute info session. This is a time for us to discuss your needs and make sure all your questions are answered.

If we're a good fit and you're interested in working together, we'll set up a time to meet again. I will send you a few forms to look over and sign. If you have any further questions after our intro call, feel free to reach out to me via email.

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First  Meeting

Sessions are one hour long. We can meet either in person at my home studio or via Zoom. I will check your alignment by having you do some simple posture and movement assessments. This will inform me of what we need to focus on. We will also discuss your likes, dislikes, and attitudes surrounding exercise. Together we will come up with a fitness plan you feel comfortable starting or a plan that supports your ongoing fitness journey.

Continuing On

Our time together is about you and is always based on your needs and goals. There are some clients I work with on a weekly basis, others once every few weeks. Other clients just need a “tune-up” or have questions that need answering to take them to the next fitness level. I work with your needs, goals, time, and budget.


No judgment, just support. I believe in a collaborative partnership based on respect, open communication, and understanding. I will always provide you with goal clarity, problem solving, and accountability.

Your questions answered

Client testimonials

“Amy rescued me from chronic hip and low back pain due to muscle imbalances and poor posture. She correctly diagnosed what was causing my pain and taught me a progressive series of exercises to realign and strengthen my body. I am profoundly grateful to her for leading and supporting me through what I feared might be permanent excruciating pain to the pain-free active life I am once again living - at age 68.”
M.S.M., client

“I feel muscles in my core that I didn't even know existed! My back pain is gone.”
C.H., client

“I went from being a couch potato to walking 3 miles a day and have lost 25 pounds! Amy helped me set small goals each week and I was able to meet them. When I lacked motivation, we revisited my vision statement and my Setback Plan, and I was able to refocus. It has been a year now and I am still walking. I no longer feel like an old woman at 25 years old. I have my energy back!”
C.S.S., client

“I had a bad injury in high school and was out of musical theatre dance classes for a year. In college, my injury came back. I reached out to Amy and she gave me some exercises. After three weeks of faithfully doing them, my pain went away, and I am able to dance fully. So grateful!”
K.L., University of Michigan student

“Through Amy West Wellness Coaching I found relief from hip and lower back pain which I'd assumed was just something I had to live with. Upon observing me, Amy zoomed right in to some structural weakness and suggested a set of very do-able strengthening exercises that had an almost immediate positive effect. Her compassionate and non-pushy manner alleviated my fears about being too old or weak. In fact, as my strength grows and my pain lessens, my confidence is boosted, too! I am beyond grateful to have Amy's expertise in eliminating pain..... without drugs! Moreover, I always feel heard and validated. If I get discouraged, Amy has a way of reminding me that I'm "stronger than I think". I recommend Amy West Wellness Coaching without reservation.”
B.S., client


I want you to know that change and better health are possible. I’d love to partner with you in navigating the path towards your goals.