Read about my clients' experiences.

“Amy rescued me from chronic hip and low back pain due to muscle imbalances and poor posture. She correctly diagnosed what was causing my pain and taught me a progressive series of exercises to realign and strengthen my body. I am profoundly grateful to her for leading and supporting me through what I feared might be permanent excruciating pain to the pain-free active life I am once again living - at age 68.”


“I had a bad injury in high school and was out of musical theatre dance classes for a year. In college, my injury came back. I reached out to Amy and she gave me some exercises. After three weeks of faithfully doing them, my pain went away, and I am able to dance fully. So grateful!”


“I lost the love of playing my instrument. Amy helped me to see how important it was to practice self-care and get myself back on track once I realized I was burnt out. Now my playing has reached a new level!”


"Amy's knowledge of and passion for ballet is among the strongest I've had the opportunity to work with. She has helped me to reshape and enhance my ballet technique from a healthy pedagogical standpoint, and her attention to detail has inspired some of the most rapid improvement I've experienced. She pays equal attention to artistic development, and she teaches with an emphasis on how technique and presentation tie together. Amy is a dedicated instructor who presents an innovative and restorative approach to professional ballet training."

Justine Qiu

"Amy West is perfectly equipped as a health and wellness coach not only through her extensive career as a dancer, an educator, and mother, but also through her innate ability to connect with others, inquire about their true dreams, and ask them to reach for their true potential. Amy has taught me how to not only see the big picture but more importantly, how to break my goals into small achievable actions that I can commit to every day. With her support, I have felt encouraged and inspired to step out on an untraditional path that feels aligned with my values and skill set. By developing a plan of daily small actions, I have been able to build a lot of momentum in my life and career."

Chelsea Hamm

“I feel muscles in my core that I didn't even know existed! My back pain is gone.”


“I went from being a couch potato to walking 3 miles a day and have lost 25 pounds! Amy helped me set small goals each week and I was able to meet them. When I lacked motivation, we revisited my vision statement and my Setback Plan, and I was able to refocus. It has been a year now and I am still walking. I no longer feel like an old woman at 25 years old. I have my energy back!”


“Thank you! The time I spent in your presence was the catalyst for me to move on some items in my life I had been idle with.”


“I was lacking motivation to complete my job applications post school. Amy supported me by helping me break the tasks down into doable steps and keeping track of the due dates.”

M.C., University of Michigan, Doctoral student

"Through Amy West Wellness Coaching I found relief from hip and lower back pain which I'd assumed was just something I had to live with. Upon observing me, Amy zoomed right in to some structural weakness and suggested a set of very do-able strengthening exercises that had an almost immediate positive effect. Her compassionate and non-pushy manner alleviated my fears about being too old or weak. In fact, as my strength grows and my pain lessens, my confidence is boosted, too! I am beyond grateful to have Amy's expertise in eliminating pain..... without drugs! Moreover, I always feel heard and validated. If I get discouraged, Amy has a way of reminding me that I'm "stronger than I think". I recommend Amy West Wellness Coaching without reservation.”

Barbara Shirvis

"A fierce advocate for student wellness, Amy West brings exceptional coaching skills coupled with love of helping students rely on their strengths to overcome challenges. Her kindness, empathy, and deep listening skills puts anyone at ease, allowing space for reflection and productive conversation. Her workshops are full of wisdom, practical tools, and inspiration to take the next step that's right for you. I highly recommend Amy as a coach and a presenter!"

Dr. Paola Savvidou, Wellness Initiative Program Manager & Adjunct Lecturer in Music, School of Music, Theatre & Dance, University of Michigan